Loft & Garage Conversions

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The Beauty of Space: which can be achieved with a Loft or Garage Conversion?


Making the most of unused space in the home is becoming very popular as the property market is stagnating.


Why waste a perfectly usable area of the home on storage when it could be put to good use as one or more new rooms?


Capital Home Solutions CHS UK Ltd, help London homeowners enjoy more spacious living by extending their homes upwards into their lofts, or outwards into their unused garages. And there can be so much scope for transforming these unused areas.


So Much Scope with a Loft or Garage Conversion


With a garage or attic conversion you and your family could enjoy:


  • Additional bedrooms

  • An extra bathroom or shower room

  • A children’s playroom

  • A utility room

  • A study or office

  • A home gym, in some cases it’s even possible to create a self-contained living space with a loft or garage conversion which offers comfort and privacy for house guests or the perfect solution for live-in relatives, adult children or domestic staff such as nannies and also not forgetting the rental market.

​Which Loft Conversion?


At CHS, our loft conversion team is fully qualified, highly experienced builders in London with specific expertise in this trade and in all types of loft conversions.


There is a variety of options open to you when converting your attic, and our experts will guide you through these, making sure your objectives are met and that the suitable type of conversion is chosen.


  • A Velux loft conversion is generally the most cost effective and in most cases no planning permission is needed as Velux windows are installed flush into the existing roof.

  • Dormer loft conversions protrude from the roof and are usually added to the back of a house. They are good for increasing limited headroom. Planning permission is usually required, we can advise you on that.

  • A Mansard loft conversion involves replacing the existing roof. Again, planning permission will be needed and CHS will help you with that.

  • With a Hip to Gable attic conversion, the sloped side of a roof is transformed to make more space available, allowing for a possible permanent staircase. Planning permission is normally required due to the major changes being made to the roof.

Think about areas that may be suitable and make the most of your Unused Space Talk to Capital Home Solution CHS UK Ltd, when you need more space.


At Capital Home Solutions CHS UK Ltd we’re with you every step of the way throughout your entire home renovation project. Once we’ve got to know just what you wish to achieve from our service let it be a new roof, roof repair, Loft conversion, extension whatever your requirements may be, we’ll put some ideas together for you and help you right through to completion.


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