Home Insulation: Comfortable, Greener living that saves you money.

65% of the heat generated in the average home is lost via the roof and walls due to poor insulation. Translated into money, that’s quite a substantial waste, not to mention the negative environmental aspects of producing more energy than needed.



Why waste away good money by wasting energy when you could, for a reasonable cost insulate your home or upgrade the existing insulation and enjoy lower energy bills going forward.


And there are other benefits apart from the financial ones. Dampness and condensation in a living space can be harmful to health and in some cases will make conditions worse such as illness respiratory and allergies, along with rapid damage of the home. And a warm home is a comfortable home, so why freeze through the winter when home insulation could bring you warm, comfortable living all year every year.


If you decide to sell your home, you’ll want the (EPC) Energy Performance Certificate to be as suitable as possible and home insulation will make a real difference to that also. So this most certainly will increase the value of your home by having it fully insulated.


Which Home Insulation?


  • Cavity wall insulation effectively fills the gap between two walls. If your home was built after 1920, it is likely it will have external walls made up of two layers, with a cavity between them. Approx a third of the heat lost from un-insulated homes goes through the walls and savings of over £250 a year can be made by insulating cavity walls, according to the Energy Saving Trust.

  • Loft (Attic) insulation stops heat escaping through the roof. Over quarter of the heat lost from an un-insulated home disappears through the roof so loft insulation is vital if you wish to keep your home warm, and your energy bills low. Topping up loft insulation can make a real difference too as the thicker the insulation, the more effective it is.

  • Draught proofing can save per year on heating bills, according to the Energy Saving Trust. After checking the outlets of the home, we’ll fit draught excluders to door and window frames to prevent heat escaping through the gaps.

  • Solid wall insulation can save in the region of £575 per year. Most properties built before 1920 will have solid walls as opposed to cavity walls and, according to the Energy Saving Trust, that accounts for one in four homes. Solid walls can be insulated internally or externally.

  • Floor insulation can save around £150 a year. Placing insulation under floorboards will effectively reduce heat loss, and gaps between floors and skirting boards can be filled to add to the savings, and maintain the heat of the home.

Time to consider you situation with insulation talk to CHS.


Here at CHS, we care about the long term satisfaction of our customers which is why we’re keen to help them make worthwhile investments now, that will serve them well – and save them money – long into the future. Our insulation specialists will install the best quality materials for your home insulation to match your budget.


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