As part of our comprehensive service, Capital Home Solutions CHS UK Ltd are CDM coordinators.


What is CDM?


The Construction Design and Management Regulations (commonly known as the CDM Regulations) were initially introduced in 1994 and further revised in the spring of 2007. They were brought in to make it easier for those in the Construction Industry to implement their health and safety duties.


The CDM Regulations target improving the overall management and co-ordination of health, safety and welfare throughout all stages of construction projects, to reduce the annual occurrence of serious and fatal accidents and ill health in the construction industry. The HSE states that the CDM Regulations emphasize planning and management to secure a safe project, rather than paperwork.


A CDM coordinator is always required where a project is notifiable, and their main duties are:

  • Advise and assist clients with their duties.

  • Notify project details to HSE.

  • Coordinate Health and Safety aspects of design work and cooperate with other personnel involved with the project.

  • Implement and facilitate good communication between all involved with the project, identifying.

  • Collating and passing on all pre-construction information to relevant personnel.

  • Continually liaise with the main contractor as the project progresses. Maintain regular updates of the Health and Safety file for the project.


Essentially the regulations place duties on all construction site personnel to contribute to the overall Health and Safety of the project. This includes clients and designers, as well as the contractors, but the main power rests with the CDM coordinator.

CDM Coordination & Management